Fatima Prayer Groups


Fatima Prayer Cell of Holiness

What is it?

The Fatima Prayer Cell (of Holiness) is a group of people who gather together regularly in response to Our Lady of Fatima’s requests for prayer, penance and sacrifice in reparation for sin in order to bring about the conversion of sinners necessary to save souls from hell, bring peace to the world, and protect and strengthen the Church.


It may be said that the Prayer Cell began in 1916 with the appearance of the Angel of Peace to the three shepherd children – Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta. In 1917, Our Lady appeared and told them to pray and make sacrifices for sinners. The three children encouraged each other to pray and make sacrifices. Prayer cell members do the same.

How often does it happen?

It is a weekly or monthly spiritual gathering for small group prayer before the Blessed Sacrament or in a home.

Why is it called a “Cell”?

Just as cells form the human body by dividing and growing, a prayer cell does the same after there are 8-10 members or if they have completed a level within the formation programme.

How is it different from other prayer groups?

How may I join?

You can join an established WAF Prayer Cell in your parish or in a nearby home. For more information, or to start a Prayer Cell please contact us.