Centennial Rosary


A special Centennial Rosary to match the Centennial Crown for the statue has been donated to WAF by Mr Jorge Leitao, whose jewellery firm were responsible for the original crown for the first Fatima statue.

This symbolism associated with this new Rosary is as follows:

Our Father – Symbolises the passage to each of the four sets of mysteries that complete the totality of the Rosary.

Hail Marys – The beads in rock crystal, natural stone of luminosity, evokes the luminous mysteries introduced by Pope St. John Paul II in 2002.

Joyful Mysteries (Mysteries of Joy)
Angel’s wings: Symbolises the annunciation of the angel, one of the five joyful mysteries.

Luminous Mysteries (Mysteries of Light)
Water: Symbolises the baptism of Jesus, one of the luminous mysteries.

Sorrowful Mysteries (Mysteries of Pain)
Crown of thorns: Symbolises the crowning with thorns, one of the sorrowful mysteries.

Glorious Mysteries (Mysteries of Glory)
Star: Symbolises the descent of the Holy Spirit, one of the glorious mysteries.


Front– Crowned image of our Lady of Fatima in the chapel of the apparitions
(Image by Jose F. Thedim, 1920/ Crown by Leitao & Irmao, 1942)

Back– Pope John Paul II coat of arms

Our Father (placed between the medal and cross)
The keys of heaven and earth- “…I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 18:19)

Hail Holy Queen (placed before the cross)
Pearl represented the eight stems with pearls from the queen’s crown of Our Lady of Fatima

Cross -Inspired by the cross of Pope John Paul II