Westminster Symposium

You can listen below to highlights of the Symposium which followed the World Apostolate of Fatima, England & Wales National Pilgrim Virgin statue Visitation to Westminster Cathedral on Saturday 18 February 2017.

Host Kathy Sinnott spoke with Timothy Tindal-Robertson, Nuno Prazeres, and Donal Anthony Foley, and there are also highlights from the Homily by Cardinal Vincent Nichols.


Talks and timings

Kathy Sinnott introduces 2 talks from the WAF Fatima Symposium that was held after the Mass in the Cathedral, and Cardinal Nichols’ homily

4.15 min   Introduction of Nuno Prazeres, from the WAF International Secretariat in Fatima
5.00 min   Nuno’s talk on the stories of his grandfather who witnessed the Miracle of the Sun
21.30 min  Nuno talks on the Centenary celebrations in Fatima and world-wide
27.00 min  End of Nuno’s talk and Kathy introduces Donal Foley
28.00 min  Donal’s talk on the Five First Saturdays
42.30 min  End of Donal’s talk followed by brief response to a question on the consecration
of Russia by Tim Tindal-Robertson
45.45 min  Homily of Cardinal Nichols
58.55 min  End of Cardinal Nichols’ homily