Volunteer for WAF England and Wales

We very much need help to continue with the great work that has been done during the 2017 Centenary year Visitation programme, to build up WAF England and Wales on a diocesan and National level.

Visitations of the Statue and Relics will continue in the dioceses of Westminster and Arundel & Brighton in 2018, but we also want to promote other activities and programmes, including the praying of the Rosary, a Rosary pledge campaign, and Five First Saturdays devotion.

For that to happen we very much need volunteers, so if you can help in any way, whether that is locally in your parish by distributing Fatima leaflets (with your parish priest’s permission), or by promoting the Five First Saturdays, or by helping with the diocesan Visitation programme, then please get in touch via…

Likewise, if you would like to get involved with helping WAF nationally, we really do need assistance with accounts, social media/Wordpress, admin, and organising the annual National pilgrimage to Fatima, amongst other things. As a result of last year’s successful Visitation programme, we now have a good number of WAF spiritual directors in many of the dioceses of England & Wales, and we want to develop this by setting up active WAF groups in as many dioceses as possible.

We have big plans for our future development, including setting up a WAF Centre/Shrine, so that people can experience something of the atmosphere of Fatima in Britain. And it could also act as place for formation, prayer and so on.

But all of the above need people to come forward and help!

Most importantly, these developments can only be realised if they are the fruit of prayer, so please include these intentions in your daily prayers, and especially invoke the powerful intercession of Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart, and her two new child saints, Francisco and Jacinta.

She chose them to receive her message and transmit it to the Church through the marvellous example of their lives. What made them saints, said St John Paul II, was the fidelity and commitment with which they complied with her requests and lived her message.

May we learn to follow their example with the same fidelity and commitment, so that our lives too may be sanctified, and her message established in the Church, for the conversion and salvation of souls.

We look forward to hearing from you, and will remember your intentions in our prayers. You may contact us via ….