Catholic Truth Society Fatima Interviews

What is at the heart of Our Lady’s Message at Fatima, and what can it tell us today? The following guests responded to these questions:

Timothy Tindal-Robertson, CTS author of The Message and Prayers of Fatima and National President of the WAF England and Wales

Nuno Prazeres, Director of the International Secretariat of the World Apostolate of Fatima

Jorge Leitão, Portuguese Jeweller who made the Centenary Crown for the WAF National Pilgrim Virgin Statue

Mike Daley, Treasurer of the WAF England and Wales

Details of the recording of the interviews:

Introduction by Cristiana Ferrauti [CF] of the CTS

0.55 min:   Tim [TTR] on What happened in Portugal 100 years ago
2.35 min:   CF – what strikes you about the age of the children ?
2.40 min:   Nuno [NP] on the 3 seers who incarnated Our Lady’s message in their lives
4.15 min:   Fergal Martin [FM] to Nuno – tell us your family’s connection with Fatima
4.40:min:   NP on the stories of his grandfather who lived in Aljustrel with the 3 seers, was
friends with them, and described his experience of the Miracle of the Sun
8.40 min:   CF – Why do we need apparitions of Our Lady, what can they say to us ?
9.00 min:   TTR – It was God’s plan, not hers. Christ came to us through Mary. She alone is
totally open to God and warns of threats to mankind’s eternal salvation.
12.20 min:  NP – Our Lady reminds us of the Gospel and shows how we can grow in faith
13.35 min:  FM – What does the message say about making reparation for others’ sins
14.20 min:  Tim’s response
16.10 min:  NP on prayer as the way to conversion and peace
17.40 min:  Mike Daley [MD] – Francisco’s time consoling hidden Jesus in the tabernacle
18.45 min:  CF – What are the WAF’s plans for the Centenary year
19.05 min:  NP – Many activities so people can receive graces from Our Lady
20.45 min:  TTR – Outline of WAF activities in England & Wales
22.50 min:  NP – The pilgrim Virgin statues, and its travels
24.30 min:  Jorge Leitao [JL] Story of the crown made by his grandfather in 1942
26.00 min:  TTR – The WAF engraving on the Centenary Crown made by Jorge Leitao’s
Company, and the pilgrim Virgin statue given to England in 1968
27.00 min:  JL – 60 years since Queen Elizabeth II was received in Portugal
27.30 min:  FM – What are your final words to our listeners for the Centenary year
28.00 min:  JL – The Fatima message spreads good and takes away evil
28.35 min:  TTR – Learn the message well because it is so rich and deep
30.10 min:  NP – That we have a joyous memory of Our Lady’s presence, accept the
responsibility to live her message, and gain the papal Indulgence
32.45 to 33.00 min:  CF – Conclusion